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Law Enforcement K9 Grant Resources

Canine Command LLC understands law enforcement agencies who utilize K-9 units find these animals to be an invaluable resource in crime control and prevention. Whether law enforcement agencies need police dogs for patrol or finding narcotics or explosives, these magnificent animals can be trained to do it. For maximum effectiveness, each dog must be unified with its handler. Our courses offers law enforcement agencies  police K9 training needed for dogs as well as handlers to know their jobs and for each to do their jobs well.

Canine Command LLC has provided this list of K-9 grants to assist with the research for available grants to interested law enforcement agencies. We also suggest launching a fund raiser within your community, which can be a very successful way to raise the required funding for your K-9 units. Most small-to-large businesses appreciate the deterrence, tracking, and drug control a K-9 uniquely provides to the community, as well as the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to the community and to support their local K9 law enforcement agencies and officers.


Wal-Mart Charitable Giving Information:

Police K9 Grants

National Association of Chiefs of Police K9 Placement Program:

Dogs Against Drugs/Dogs Against Crime K9 Program Grants:

Chief Supply Weed & Seed Communities Competitive Program Grants:

PoliceOne.com Law Enforcement Grants List:

Community Oriented Policing Grants through US DOJ:

NC Department of Crime Control Grant Information:

NC Governor’s Crime Commission Grants:

National Criminal Justice Reference Service:

Police Grants Help – Grant Assistance and Resources:

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