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  As a canine handler for the past 5 years, I have had the opportunity to work two dual purpose malinois trained by Dean Hunter. His attention to detail and real world application produces a highly effective and successful canine team. He makes himself available to his handlers at all hours to provide field support and technical advice concerning deployment and utilization of the canine asset. He draws on his many years of experience, both in the field and as a trainer, to provide a cohesive and challenging training program for first time handlers and veteran handlers alike.

---MPO Bill Frentz
As a Canine Handler for 4 years and a police officer for 12 I’ve had the opportunity to meet a lot of great people.  In the past 4 years I have had the privilege to know Dean Hunter as a trainer and a friend, his knowledge and professionalism in my opinion has allowed Canine Command to produce some of the finest Canines in the field to this day.  If you’re looking for a high quality canine and a truly memorable training experience, I highly recommend Dean Hunter at Canine Command.

— Sgt. Robert Toombs
I have had the privilege of handling a dual purpose canine for the past 3 years. I am a retired Army veteran and can honestly say that the training program used by Dean Hunter is the best I have seen. His focus is on developing a bond between handler and canine which maximizes the teams’ effectiveness both on the street as well as training environments. He is open to handler suggested scenario based training and responds with well coordinated and planned training sessions.

---OFC Robert Buttry
I have had the opportunity of training with Canine Command and Dean Hunter. Moving to Tennessee from an area where K-9s are in every police department (South Florida), I have had the opportunity to see several different K-9 trainers and how they work. Dean is unlike other trainers, he is a true professional, mild mannered, easy going, and open suggestions. He watches the team and develops a plan which allows the team to train at their maximum performance level. Dean knows how to work teams through issues they may have. Dean recognizes K-9 work as a team effort and trains not only the K-9 but the handler. The level at which my K-9 team works at now, is one I thought we never achieve.

---Michael Doddo
I have been a Police Officer for 6 years and have had the privilege to handle a dual purpose dog trained by Dean Hunter for 5 years now. Dean Hunter’s experience and ability to train Law Enforcement dogs has made us a great K9 team. I would recommend Dean Hunter to anyone who wants a high caliber K9 team that will both perform at highest level on the streets and competitions.

---MPO Nick Edwards
I have been training with Dean Hunter since 2004. I have had the privelage of handling a single purpose and a dual purpose K-9 under the direction of Dean. The experience and knowledge that I have learned from Dean is invaluable. I learn something new every time I train with Dean. The K-9’s Dean trains are top knotch and he is also very helpful in prepairing training documentation for court. I don’t consider Dean just my trainer, I consider him a true friend.

---Deputy Cory Knowles
I have been a K-9 Handler for approximately 10 years. I have had the opportunity to handle a single purpose narcotic canine and dual purpose canine, both trained by Dean Hunter. Both canine’s were top of the line working dogs and I strongly recommend Dean and his training methods. The instruction is very well planed, informative and it doesn’t matter if you’re a first time handler or have handled K-9’s for years, you’ll learn something each and every training session. I’ve had great success with Dean and his canine’s and I know you will to.

— Investigator, Jerry Carpenter
I have worked professionally with Dean Hunter for about 6 years, and have witnessed the effort, time, and dedication he puts into the training of his K-9 teams. The quality training I and my dogs have received carried through from certification to the streets. Being a K-9 officer is something I always wanted to do, and training under Dean has made the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as I had always hoped it would.

---Officer Brandon Littrell

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